Criminal Attorney


My former career as a law enforcement officer has given me the first-hand knowledge and experience in the enforcement of laws of the State of Florida, the development of probable cause, articulation of reasonable suspicion, police report writing, collection of evidence, police pursuits, preserving a crime scene, taking witness statements, canvassing, proper police procedure, use of force, and adherence to an individual’s constitutional rights during contact, arrest, interview and interrogation.

The experience and legal training that I gained as a prosecutor has helped to provide my clients with a true perspective and understanding of the criminal process, reviewing the State’s evidence and strength and weaknesses of a case and assisted them with the right resources and information to make the right decisions for their case.

Each case is different as each case is fact specific. As defense counsel, my role is to review the prosecution’s case which may involve police reports, lab reports, witness statements, video, photographs, electronic recordings, and in some cases DNA evidence. In addition, analyzing the elements of the crime(s), evidence, and facts runs in conjunction with finding reasonable doubt and protecting your constitutional rights.

I have successfully handled criminal cases involving Armed Burglary, Assault, Battery, DUI, Trespass, Drug Crimes, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Crimes, Fraud, and Theft Crimes.

I have also assisted clients with bond hearings, expungements, driver’s license suspension, traffic tickets, and violation of probation.



  • Arrest or Arrest Warrant
  • Notice to Appear
  • First Appearance
  • Pretrial Release
  • Bail
  • Filing of Formal Charges (Indictment or Information)
  • Pretrial Conference
  • Trial (Judge or Jury)
  • Sentencing
  • Appeal
  • Expungement (if eligible)


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